UK Meds

UK Meds

UK Meds are a leading online pharmacy that provide prescription medication and focus on customer safety. Since launching in early 2016 they have quickly become one of the most popular online pharmacies, and together we are regularly improving the services offered.

The Brief:

We developed a pharmacy site for our client that complied with strict regulations set by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

In 2017 we relaunched UK Meds with a new contemporary design and a wealth of new interactive features, making it more intuitive, easy to navigate and accessible on all devices.

The Solution:

We've recently worked closely with the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency to develop a range of fully compliant custom ecommerce solutions for online pharmacies. One of the key requirements in these systems was to prevent fraudulent activity for the purchase of prescription medication and effectively ensure customer safety.

Our challenge was to develop an ecommerce system with a detailed medical questionnaire for products, a fraud prevention service, and an innovative solution that combines shipping labels and prescriptions. We utilised the Agile methodology during the development process which allowed us to adapt the system depending on client feedback, collaboration, and user interaction. A common characteristic in agile software development is the daily stand up. These daily updates are a useful way of managing the project and tracking progress. The day begins with each Team 8 member providing an update on what they achieved the previous day toward the overall goal, what they intend to do today, and any roadblocks or impediments that could prevent progress.

Working within an Agile development process allows us to work iteratively and build a platform or system that is flexible and can be extended or improved when required. Our UK Meds project works perfectly with this setup as we can develop an abstract idea into something functional and introduce new features over time.

UK Meds
UK Meds
UK Meds
UK Meds
UK Meds UK Meds

The Result:

UK Meds are a market leader in their competitive field and continue to provide a sought after service to thousands of customers weekly.

"Whilst working with Team 8 I have found them to be extremely proficient in every way, I do not have words strong enough to recommend them." - J Soiza
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