Hard Target Airsoft

Hard Target are an airsoft company located in Merthyr Mawr village, Bridgend, Wales. They contacted us about a creating a website that emphasises there business and shows what airsoft is all about.

The Brief:

Our client wanted to have a standard website which they can easily edit and they needed a site that allowed them users to buy tickets to the events they run. Therefore, a booking system is needed.

The Solution:

Following the brief we were given we decided that the best way to build this site would be to use WordPress. WordPress allows the user to easily edit content and has many features that can help us make this site to a high standard.

Our first step was to decide on a theme and a colour scheme. After looking through some themes, we had decided to use the Mesmerize theme. This theme was chosen as it was visually appealing and it was easily editable.

Our second step was to find a plugin that can be used for the booking system. We decided to use the Events manager plug in for WordPress. We had decided to use this plugin as it was very easy to add content and it came with its own ticket management system within the plugin.

The final step was to add the content they wanted and add design to the site. We had previously researched other airsoft sites and had decided on a style and colour scheme. Once we had finished the design we then gathered feedback from the client and made any edits to the site that they wanted.

Hard Target Airsoft
Hard Target Airsoft
Hard Target Airsoft
Hard Target Airsoft
Hard Target Airsoft Hard Target Airsoft

The Result:

We developed and delivered a Wordpress site with easy to use features that engages users. At the start of the project we discussed with the client various ways to convert potential leads into returning members. This was accomplished with a combination of offline marketing materials, an active social media presence and a convenient online booking system.

We focused on two core user groups when designing and developing the site. The first are active members who are familiar with Hard Target Airsoft and keen to participate in the latest events, and engage with other members in the forum. The second group are those interested in airsoft and have found the site organically and want to learn more. Both groups benefit from a smooth user journey and easy to follow navigation.

Along with the client we are very pleased with the results and look forward to working with Hard Target Airsoft in the future.

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