Our Vision

To utilise the exceptional customer service, knowledge, passion and commitment of our team, to create the best solution for our partners.

Our Mission Statement

At Team 8 we nurture our colleagues and support our community, whilst leading our customers through their journey to innovative digital solutions.


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  • Nurture our colleagues, enabling their individuality and empowering the team.
  • Relationships with our colleagues and partners that foster strength and integrity.
  • Understand that all people and business are individuals, and have specific needs.
  • Develop our colleagues, with opportunities to further their skillset in and out of work.
  • Inspire our colleagues to deliver excellence.


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  • Tailor-made products and services to strengthen your business.
  • Partner focused, because at Team 8 we consider you our partners and not just as customers.
  • Highly effective solutions first time.
  • Proactive identification and solution of problems through our service package.
  • Collaborative working throughout our relationship. Your feedback is crucial to us.


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  • Respect for the individual
  • Transparent conversations where any topics can be discussed.
  • Honesty in all communication.
  • Actively listen in all conversations.
  • Clarity always established, to ensure excellence in all that we do.


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  • Understand the community that we and you, operate in.
  • Sympathetic to and respectful of, cultural sensitivities.
  • Promote our local community; we're proud to be Welsh!
  • Support local business.
  • Give back to local causes and through community work.


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  • Responsible development that helps people and communities.
  • Adaptive strategies that evolve with markets.
  • Feedback putting our partners at the heart of our innovation.
  • Reflective we evolve solutions to improve execution.
  • Focused on customers, our people and technology.

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