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Created: 30/08/18 Author: Ryan

Here at Team 8 Digital we’ve been working hard at building a brand new, and exciting feature for our website and users.

We’ve just built a FREE to use Website Pricing Tool. You’ll be able to use this pricing tool to get a FREE website estimate/quote on your next website. Simply answer a few simple questions on the following:

  • What Template you’d like, or choose something custom.
  • How many pages you’d like.
  • Whether you’d like to accept payments.
  • Whether you’d like to connect with another website or app.
  • And whether you’d like to integrate a CMS (Content Management System).

Answering these simple questions will quickly give you a website estimate.

Team 8 Digital: FREE Website Pricing Tool

Whether you’re looking for an app, or a website estimate, you can use our FREE to use Website Pricing Tool. We’ve currently launched this feature in beta. What does this mean? Put simply, we’re trialing this tool, gathering feedback from our users and finding out how we can improve the services we offer.

We’d really appreciate your feedback on our new website pricing tool, or if you’re interested in getting started. Click here to get your FREE website estimate today.

Choosing a template or build something custom

Firstly, you’ll be asked to choose from a range of pre-built templates. We’ve made these templates in-house using our knowledge and expertise on what people are looking for in a website. Or, if you’d like to build something custom, simply choose that option instead.

If you’d like to preview a template, there is a button for viewing templates for you to get an idea of what they’ll look like. These templates are built using modern technologies like Laravel.

Pick the number of pages you’d like

After deciding what template you’d like, you can then decide on the number of pages you’d like. Using our website pricing tool, this makes picking the number of pages super simple.

Pages can be used for building out content on your site. Or can be used as marketing pages.

Do you need to accept payments?

Some websites allow for accepting payments using services such as PayPal or Stripe. With our website pricing tool you’re able to decide whether you need to accept payments or not, and if you do, we’ll give you our recommended payment options.

Connect with another website or app

Building an app? Or sharing data between your website and another website. Simply choose the option to connect with another website or app and provide us with some basic details on what you’d like to do. We’ll then price up the cost of this and include it in your website estimate using our website pricing tool.

Do you need a website CMS? (Content Management System)

If you’d like to be able to edit the content on your website, then you’ll need a website CMS. A CMS makes it super simple for you to get up and running with authentication (registering and logging users in), managing marketing pages and creating group permissions. Our website pricing tool gives you the option to include a CMS as part of your estimate.

Getting your website estimate using our website pricing tool

Using the pricing tool on the Team 8 Digital website allows you to get an estimate if you’re unsure how much a website will cost with us.

After you’ve filled out a few simple details, simply click on the blue button to view your estimate/quote and we’ll generate your estimate for you. You decide whether to continue.

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