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Created: 31/08/18 Author: Ryan

Yesterday, we launched a NEW feature on our website - our FREE Website Pricing Calculator. We wanted to launch something to celebrate our website’s first birthday as we launched the new Team 8 Digital site roughly this time last year.

In this blog article, I’m going to go over some more features of our website pricing calculator and how it works, and some of the technologies we’ve used in our website pricing calculator.

What is our website pricing calculator?

Many companies have an area on their website for highlighting the services they offer, but to our knowledge, few have a website pricing calculator on their website. Having a website pricing calculator is useful as it allows potential customers to price up their website by simply answering a few simple questions.

Here at Team 8 Digital, we thought it would be a great idea to build something similar, and to celebrate our website’s first birthday, we decided to launch a website pricing calculator which allows you to quickly price up your website.

This pricing calculator that we’ve built, uses technologies such as Vue JS, Cake PHP and Twitter Bootstrap.

Using the Team 8 website pricing calculator

To get started with our website pricing calculator, simply head over to our website, click on Pricing tools, and choose the option to Price up your website. Or, go straight to our website pricing calculator by clicking here.

Simply answer a few simple questions:

  • What template you’d like.
  • How many pages you need.
  • Whether you need to accept payments.
  • If you need to connect to another website or app.
  • And finally, whether you need a CMS.

After answering these questions on our website pricing calculator we’ll give you a price estimate based on the questions you answered.

If you’re happy with your estimate, you can continue to get in touch with us.

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