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The ultimate internet marketing guide for 2017/18

Created: 25/08/17 Author: Ryan

So, you've recently set up your online business, you've tried searching online for marketing methods that you can use to drive hundreds of unique and organic searches to your website every day, but nothing's working right?

We'd all love to be able to rank on the first page of Google for high competitive keywords, such as: web design, SEO and internet marketing. It's hard, it's really hard, and takes a lot of hard work and effort.

Well, today, we're going to change that.

Today, I'm going to release some of the most effective internet marketing methods that you can implement on your website, and for your brand as a whole and start driving those critical leads and sales.

I'm going to help YOU GENERATE MORE unique and organic visitors and help you on the road to a successful internet marketing strategy.

But first, let's dive into some of the basics of internet marketing and define exactly what I'm going to teach you to get up and running with internet marketing.

What is internet marketing anyway?

So, you've heard of the term internet marketing right? But have you ever thought of exactly what it means.

Sure, you might think you know what it means and what's included in internet marketing, but ultimately there's a whole lot more involved in internet marketing than what you might initially think.


Here's a quick definition of internet marketing: “It is the process of promoting a brand, products or services over the internet. It's a broad scope which includes email marketing, electronic customer relationship management and any promotional activities that are done via wireless media.”

So that's a quick summary of what internet marketing is.

We all have likely tried many forms of online marketing, SEO being the biggest one out there, but it's not always the best way of generating leads and sales, most SEO strategies have already been done, they're getting over used and recognised by more and more people.

However, SEO is a great thing to implement and as web designers we should be doing everything we can to ensure that our websites are SEO friendly, optimized and reach the intended target audience. If these things are actioned then it'll be much easier to go ahead with the other internet marketing methods I'm going to show you.

Get started with SEO first

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is where you implement small changes to your site to make it easier for Google and website users to navigate your website.

SEO is FREE and should be the first thing to get started with in internet marketing, at Team 8 Digital we've included SEO friendly pages to make sure that Google can easily index and find all of our content.

Ensure that your website is using the correct H1 tag and less than 10 H2 tags per page, this will help Google understand your site better and allow site visitors to use and navigate it better.

As a web designer, it's critical that you make your pages easy to read, the HTML structure should be clear, and should flow in a logical manner throughout the page top to bottom. Include META description tags and META keyword tags.

It should be worth noting with internet marketing, that the META Keywords tag isn't used as much by Google nowadays. As a general rule of thumb, if you're going to use the META Keywords tag, just include a few basic keywords, usually between 4 and 5 keywords should be more than enough.

If you're looking to get started with SEO, Team 8 Digital offer these services, just give us a call to discuss more about SEO and your site.

Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

It's often easily forgotten to consider SEO.

It's a rather fine process to go through and pick out the little things that effect SEO in internet marketing.

But as a web designer, it's important to think about these steps. Most times, once a website has been launched, a common misconception about web design is that after launch it'll generate thousands of site visits per day, people will just know, your friends, your family. And whilst this is technically website traffic, your site will need more than a friendly comment from these people to become profitable.

We say, that once a site is launched, that's where it all begins.

It's important to just NOT forget the website after launch, and that you work with the client, or with your site designer to help implement these internet marketing SEO strategies to give your site the best chances of ranking in the search engines for the keywords you'd like it to rank for.

We'll cover keyword research in this internet marketing guide to help you pick the optimal keywords for your site.

SEO takes time, it's not something that's going to work instantly, and to some people who plan on making money from this method of internet marketing is going to be disappointed if they think it'll generate profit straight away.

In most cases SEO will likely take months, if not maybe one to two years before you start to see any considerable impact and during this time it's important for you to understand some of the other internet marketing methods available to you.

Keyword Research

Internet marketing is all about keywords, content, brand awareness and trust.

Keyword research should be done prior to releasing any kind of marketing campaign such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads or Twitter ads. Keyword research will help you get the best keywords for your internet marketing campaigns and give you the best likely chance to rank for them.

There's many types of keywords, and they've all got different competition levels, High, medium or low. Put simply, the higher the competition for a particular keyword, the more searches it could have, but the harder it'll be to rank for that keyword unless you've got extremely good, unique and target content on your website.

Keywords are important to any internet marketing solution, and there's many types of tools out there, some are FREE such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool which is FREE to use and get started with.

We say, that you should ideally be looking for as many keywords relating to your brand, your niche as possible to start with, and then slowly narrow those results down to just 3 or 4. And then, pick one or two main keywords from that small list to target in your content

Create rich, unique, targeted content for your site users

Content is vitally important nowadays, and not just any random content either, you'd ideally need to have content relating to your brand or niche topic.

The content that you put on your site is going to be indexed by Google, and they're going to work out what that page is all about, and show it to people who might be looking for your content.

Your website content can't be copied from other sites, so if you think that you'll be able to do this, then that's a black hat SEO method which isn't good.

Your content on your site should be unique, the best way to get the most impact from website content is to simply write it yourself, it might take longer but it'll have a larger impact if the content on your site is written yourself.

Internet marketing methods REVEALED


So by this point you're probably wondering about those internet marketing methods that I mentioned earlier in this blog, and we're going to cover those now, I'm going to talk about each method and why you might want to consider it.

But first

It should be worth noting that these are just a few of many internet marketing methods available to implement online today, whilst these internet marketing methods might work for us, they may not work for you.


Here's some of our ultimate internet marketing methods that you can use.

1. Email marketing – start building your list TODAY!

Email marketing is a rather effective form of internet marketing if you have a list, I once saw an article online saying that THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST and this is likely to be true. Imagine having a list of 20,000 people. And yeah, that might sound like a lot of people and it is, but it's true that it also can take a while to build a large enough list.

Put a signup form on your website, have a pop up, include it in blogs, on social media, a link on leaflets and flyers, and soon enough you'll start to see people signing up.

What's more powerful?

Is that your list will grow, it'll grow over time and start generating you some profit without you having to do much.

Email marketing as a form of internet marketing is extremely powerful and there's loads of tools available for FREE online such as Mailchimp to help you get up and running with an email list and marketing strategy.

But as a note, these internet marketing strategies should be done ONLY AFTER you've done some initial SEO work.


Because it'll have a much larger impact if you've already done some prior SEO work beforehand to give you a kick-start.

Most email marketing services on the web such as Mailchimp are FREE to use but have some limited features, ideally you'd want these extra features to allow you to automate everything a little more efficiently than without these features.

2. Social media marketing – reach more people near your business

Social media marketing is quite popular, but I don't think it's being used to its full potential.

Nowadays, many people use social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. And these social media platforms make it so much easier to reach more people near your business with just a few clicks.

Thousands of people use social media every day so it's no surprise that this is a popular method.


The problem with social media isn't the fact that there's a lot of people using it, it's more of a problem that people are just using social media to view other people's posts and that's it, they're not always going to click on adverts, follow it through and then sign up to something even if there's an ad.

And that's not all!

Most people use Ad Blocker too!

But there's still a gap in the internet marketing industry with social media, and I think that it would be a great method to start gaining a larger reputation from.

If you haven't already created a business page on social media such as Facebook then now would be a great time to start.

3. SMS marketing – send offers to customers

SMS marketing is rather powerful nowadays, being able to instantly send a message to someone's phone. A lot of people are using their phones all day, most people are checking their phone every few minutes.

Whilst this isn't the best sociable thing to do, it does pose as a great opportunity to get clicks through to a website.

There is some limitations to SMS marketing

Most SMS messages can only be a certain number of characters long. This means that as an internet marketing strategy it could become fairly hard to get a lot of information out without spending a lot of money on SMS messages.

And that's the other thing with SMS marketing.

You've got to spend money on the initial messages to start with.

This not only can cause a first initial investment problem, it's also quite expensive if it doesn't work out too well.

Let's take a look at some more internet marketing strategies that you might be able to start using today.

4. Word of mouth – spread the word about your business

It may sound obvious, but word of mouth is by far the cheapest solution here, get out there and let people know about the release of your brand and your website. Without website traffic you'll find yourself running out of options of where to lead your business and ultimately your website.

Word of mouth is FREE, but could take a little time to get any return on this investment.

Either way

Word of mouth is a great form of marketing, maybe not exactly internet marketing as such, but certainly a marketing method that you can use along side SEO and other web design marketing strategies.

5. Content marketing – unique website content

Another form of internet marketing is content marketing.

The process in which you create unique content on a regular basis based around a particular niche in the hope that it'll rank in the search engines for itself on the first page or so.

Internet marketing isn't easy, and content marketing is likely the best option for you if you enjoy writing and would like to build up a strong content reputation for your website.

Content marketing is good for Google as you're providing them with loads of unique, flowing content that they can index, and once they see that you're generating all of this content they're more likely to return to your website on a regular basis and index your site.

Content marketing could be about anything, you could choose web design as a keyword to target for your internet marketing blog topic.

We'd say that your content needs to be about 1,800 words in length to have the best chances of ranking on the first page of Google. Remember that you're competing against other similar blogs on the internet, so if your blog has less content than the other blogs then you're going to have a slightly lower ranking compared to those blogs. Not to mention that the more unique content that you release onto to the web the more likely someone's going to try and plagiarise it, if this happened, there's a good chance that their site or blog is going to be down ranked and you'll get a higher ranking.

Internet marketing guide summary

So we've talked a lot about internet marketing in this guide, we've covered some SEO considerations and have talked about 5 GREAT INTERNET MARKETING strategies that you can implement today.

Whatever the case, internet marketing is going to take time, it'll be very unlikely that you're going to instantly be able to rank for the keywords you're trying to rank for such as web design. Internet marketing is hard, it's not meant to be easy because if it was then loads of people would be benefiting from the same GREAT outcomes that INTERNET MARKETING has on offer for you!

Just keep at the good work and you'll start to see results within just a few weeks of following this ultimate internet marketing guide for 2017/18.

We hoped you liked this guide, if you did, please be sure to check out our other guides and blogs on the Team 8 Digital website. And if you're looking to get up and running with your own website, just take a look at our website quote builder on our Web design page and fill it out and we'll get back in touch with you to discuss your quote further.

Thanks very much and I'll catch you again soon!

When it comes to software development, it's something you seriously have to emphasize for your business. If one is skeptical about the necessity of software development, they need only look at history. Throughout the history of modern telecommunications, most software development and hardware development advancements have occurred virtually concurrently. This is primarily due to the fact that the demand for new software also coincides the introduction of new hardware. While the old "chicken or the egg" debate tends to occur between the two, the fact of the matter is that both are tremendously important, but with software development, it is moreso important because when it comes to hardware, that is often something that lasts longer than software.

Software, especially on a given patch or update, has to be constantly updated, otherwise, there will be a noticeable slowdown. There are all sorts of similar updates that are constantly available as well, even to the most amateur of development companies. But at the end of the day, software development has to be the linchpin of any organization, because no matter what equipment you have access to, it's only as good as your software capabilities.

Now if your software development capabilities are lacking in more areas than one, there should be a lot of other things you can do to take care of it. A lot of larger platforms have the ability to simply have their internal software development capabilities take care of the job, but on the smaller end of the spectrum, software development might have to be outsourced to other operations. While it is very profitable on the international market to simply "import" software development operations, a growing trend is to simply train up your internal software development teams from the ground up.

Regardless, never forget to put a strong emphasis on software development.

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