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Top 5 Features for your Online Pharmacy Store

Created: 05/01/18 Author: Ryan

Whether you’re looking to start an online pharmacy ecommerce store, or are looking at improving your online pharmacy, today I’m going to go over the Top 5 Features that you should add to your online pharmacy store today!

Online pharmacies can be relatively complex for developers and designers, so it’s important to ensure that your online pharmacy has features that make it easier for your customers to purchase medication using your online pharmacy.

Online pharmacy ecommerce development bridgend

Here at Team 8 Digital, we’ve been heavily involved in developing online pharmacy ecommerce systems over the past years, so the following information is something that we strongly recommend you action on your ecommerce store today.

1. The Design – keep it easy to use

First and foremost is the design of your online pharmacy, there’s so many online pharmacies on the internet nowadays, most of them can be quite difficult to use and hard to understand.

From the moment a potential customer lands on your website homepage to the final steps of the checkout you should ask yourself whether the process is easy with no complex jargon. We’ve found that people like to quickly purchase medication using online pharmacies without all the hassle that goes along with it.

Take a look at one of our clients – UK Meds, the design and structure of the website is simple, with an easy to use process that allows the customer to quickly purchase medication with ease.

2. Medical Questionnaire / Consultation – streamline the process

One crucial element to any online pharmacy ecommerce store is the medical questionnaire required when picking medication. The questionnaire should look and function great. If the design is hard to navigate, or buttons are too small then people will find it difficult to purchase products through your online pharmacy and potentially leave, resulting in no conversion.

Again, think with ease in mind here, keep things simple leaving enough whitespace around elements, but don’t add too much clutter

If you’re looking for advice on building an online pharmacy or any ecommerce system, feel free to get in touch with us here at Team 8 Digital and we’ll be able to assist you.

3. Product Search Feature – possibly a plugin? Or built in?

When a potential customer lands on your website, sometimes the nature of the complex medications can overwhelm people, and thus the customer will potentially want to search for a product, or condition.

The search feature of your website should be well constructed and easy to use.

Some ecommerce search features aren’t always that good and might not recognise what your potential customer is trying to search for unless the terminology is correct.

Why not consider getting started with an ecommerce system using Magento or CS-Cart? As an authorised reseller of CS-Cart we can get you up and running with an online pharmacy in no time.

4. Important Legal Information – check website footer

When using an online pharmacy, or building one, it’s important to consider the legal information that should exist in the footer of the website. This can include contact numbers, company numbers, registered addresses, trading names and much more.

If you try to hide this information from the public, not only could you potentially be breaking the law in the case of an online pharmacy website, but you’ll also turn away potential customers.

Make this information easy to find on your online pharmacy so that you can generate the highest number of conversions.

5. FAQ page – answer common questions here

The final feature to add to your online pharmacy ecommerce store is a FAQs page. You likely already have this, or are going to be adding one.

It should detail common questions that your customers are looking for answers to.

To summarise

  • Keep the web design simple, easy to use and navigate.
  • Don’t try to hide information from customers.
  • Make sure customers can use your site easily.
  • Get advice on building an online pharmacy if you need it.

Well, that’s all we’ve got time for in this blog. The short answer is to keep everything simple, easy to use and don’t hide information from your customers. If you need some guidance on building an online pharmacy or would like to get started with building one, consider getting in touch with Team 8 Digital.

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