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Software Development for Dummies

Created: 24/08/17 Author: Team 8 Digital

Think you might enjoy software development but don't know where to start? Here's a step by step primer to learning about software development.

First, you need to know that software development is synonymous with programming and testing programs for personal and business computers. If you want to be a software developer, odds are you need to learn to code. There is a long process involved in software development, from the research and analysis phase, to the construction and coding phase, to the test and implement phase. You'll want to be involved in software development from the ground up if you're going to learn all the facets of the field.

Software Development for Dummies

One of the most important things in software development is identifying the need that you serve. You're sure to get many answers when you ask people what would best serve their computing needs, but you will at least know what area to develop in. For example, you can be a software developer for accounting programs, or social media, or even video games! There are lots of options, and you don't always have to specialize, but it's good to know what need you can fill with your software development background and training.

The last phase of the software development life cycle is deployment and maintenance. This means that, once you've created and tested a program, you will still need to maintain it after it's been released to the market or company you're working with! It's imperative to note that software developers, like writers, may need to go back and edit their code to tweak something in the system they created. Get used to this! It might feel like no project is ever completely finished, but it's a great way to stay connected to your work. Being a software developer is rewarding! Good luck!

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