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Responsive Web Design is Not a Choice

Created: 23/08/17 Author: Team 8 Digital

Businesses don’t have an option but be omnipresent on all relevant mediums. There has to be a website for traditional mediums like desktops and laptops. There has to be a website for mobiles and tablets. A company may or may not have an app depending on the nature of its business. Just as a captivating and user friendly web design is at the crux of software development, having a responsive design is imperative today.

A responsive web design makes more sense than having one website for desktops and another for mobile devices. When smartphones became the dominant form of mobile devices replacing the pre-Android and pre-iOS phones, many companies opted for mobile websites or what were referred to as mobile friendly websites. The existing web design would remain largely unchanged. The whole web design would simply be tweaked to work with mobile browsers, fit into the smaller screens and some features would be done away with because of incompatibility with mobile operating systems or specs.

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Today, software development is about specificity. It needs to be more than just some generic features. Not only should software development be completely customised, it should factor in the manner in which people access the web. Many companies are taking a mobile first approach and focusing more on the mobile browsers, touch screen phones and specs to come up with a web design that will offer an amazing browsing experience. Not every business will benefit with the mobile first approach, particularly those that do need to have a traditional desktop and laptop presence too.

Responsive web design solves the problem. It is a unique approach to software development that kills two birds with one stone. More importantly, it is not simple tweaking of an existing web design. Responsive web design makes a website truly mobile friendly, as if the software development was primarily aimed for mobile users.

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