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3 reasons why Wireframing is important in web design

Created: 11/09/17 Author: Ryan

Wireframing is an important part of web design for many reasons. In this quick blog, I'll go over some of the key reasons why wireframing is an important part of the web design process.

Firstly, let's answer the basics about website wireframing...

What is a website Wireframe?

Put simply, wireframing is the process where the client and web experts come together to determine the informational hierarchy of a webpage without needing to worry about colours, images and other visuals that may get in the way of determining the hierarchy of a webpage.

Wireframes usually exclude any artistic choices such as colours, images, fonts and logos, this is because these are parts of a website that can change quite easily whereas the actual structure of a website shouldn't really change.

Why is Wireframing so useful in the web design process?

Why don't designers just jump straight into the fun stuff of creating a beautiful and detailed design from scratch? Well, many clients can get overwhelmed with the process of creating a website that they can easily forget building a strong foundation on which the website is built.

So let's take a look at some of the reasons why website wireframing is so useful:

1. Developing the website layout and structure

Usually, there's a long list of ideas in mind about the different features and content that they'd like to include. Wireframes can help determine which content and elements should be included in each page without worrying about the visual aspects of the design.

2. Focusing on the user experience

The user experience is an important part of a website, without a great user experience it'll be difficult for users to stay around on the website. They'll likely get frustrated and potentially leave.

3. Saving crucial time

Although it might take a few days to wireframe a website, it'll likely save time in the long-run, this is because it will likely take longer to build a website with colours, content, images etc using HTML and CSS than it will using a fast wireframing software. Not only this, if the client doesn't like the design you wouldn't of spent many hours building the website in HTML and CSS when compared to a wireframing software.


We recommend that if you're looking to improve the user experience of your website that you consider using a website wireframe. Implement it into the design process from the start to see the best result.

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