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NHS Hack Day 2018 - Cardiff

Created: 29/01/18 Author: Xerxes

Here at Team 8 Digital we like to participate in as many events as we can. We had previously participated in the Hack Day in Gloucester in which we were the winners (See blog here). Therefore, on the 27th January 2018 we participated in the NHS Hack Day in Cardiff.

During our time at the Hack Day we had chosen that our project would be 'Improving patient safety with prescription services'.

To view our pitch skip to 11:35

The Problems with current Online Prescription Services

For our project we had discovered that there were three main problems:

  • As a customer I can order drugs from one site, I could then find drugs and order them from another site. I could then go to my GP and get other drugs as my GP would have no idea I have being buying the drugs online.
  • No communication between the public and private sectors.
  • The complete prescription history of a patient is unknown and can lead to the misuse of prescription drugs.

Our Solution to Online Prescription Services

After we had discussed the potential problems we had decided on a solution. Our solution was to create a centralized system that all online pharmacies can use to record their sales. Each of the pharmacies will be linked to an NHS number (which online pharmacies don't have at the moment). Then we can use the NHS's API to check if the customer already has an NHS prescription. If they already have an NHS prescription, the prescription can then either be approved, denied or could give advice to the customer about the next step they should take. This would also allow the GP to keep a track of the customer's prescription history, which could help to stop the misuse of drugs.

To view our presentation skip to 1:55:16


From our two days at the Hackathon we had created a good idea on how to improve patient safety with prescription services. Although we did not win, we had a great time and we are looking forward to the next Hack Day.

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