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NHS Hack Day 2017

Created: 23/10/17 Author: Josh

NHS Hack Day 2017: Winners

As "geeks who love the NHS" we decided to attend the NHS Hack Day in Gloucester and see if we could provide any insight and support. We work closely with online pharmacies and thought it would be a great opportunity to offer our extensive software development knowledge and healthcare experience.

The Question

There is currently no way to predict demand which is likely to come into the urgent care system in the UK

The Solution

The aim was to create a reliable set of information which can accurately predict potential demand into the urgent care system. This information can then be used to more effectively match resourcing & staff to potential demand.

We decided to develop software that compared the historical data of each NHS Trust and predict when demand would be highest based on a range of factors. We worked closely with Data Analysts, NHS doctors, & medical students to combine data from various sources such as weather, traffic, & public events.

Everyone worked well together and we were able to solve a range of problems when it came to compiling all the data and presenting it in a clear and understandable format.

The Result (We Won!)

Team 8 Digital - NHS Hack Day

We're very proud to announce that we won this year's NHS Hack Day. Our hard work (and numerous coffees) paid off and the judges decided Predict had great potential, and with more development time could be a very useful tool for the NHS.

we're looking forward to the next NHS Hack Day in Cardiff next year and will keep you all posted on our progress.

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