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An introduction to Laravel

Created: 04/09/18 Author: Ryan

PHP frameworks are popular amongst developers and designers these days. Here at Team 8 Digital we’ve been recently producing projects in Laravel, a popular PHP Framework for web artisans.

But as a front-end developer, how does Laravel compare to other PHP frameworks such as Cake PHP?

In this blog, I’m going to tell you my experience (so far) with Laravel and why I think you should be using it.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework built on the MVC pattern which allows you to quickly build web applications. Many companies and freelancers like to use PHP frameworks as they’re usually future-proof and are built really well.

At Team 8 Digital, we’ve put together templates as part of our Website Pricing Tool which are built on Laravel. This makes it quick to get up and running by changing your content, logo, colours and adding some marketing pages.

Laravel benefits for Front-End Development

If you’re just trying to get up and running, and want to build your application so that it can be easily scalable, Laravel comes with Bootstrap, and Vue JS built in. Along with Laravel Mix for compiling assets such as SASS/SCSS.

  • Comes with Bootstrap 4.x out of the box.
  • Comes with Laravel Mix for compiling SASS.
  • Comes with Vue JS for writing Vue components and functionality.
  • Has the ability to use React.

Why is it important that Laravel comes with these features? Put simply, it saves time having to go and manually download Vue JS, Bootstrap, and creating your own compiler for SASS using Gulp.

Using Laravel for our Website Pricing Tool templates

Since we’ve used Laravel before, we decided to use Laravel as the core templates and design for the templates that we offer as part of our Website Pricing Tool.

These templates are built with the customer in mind, are easy to use, and we can provide guidance throughout.

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