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iOS 12 Preview - our thoughts

Created: 29/08/18 Author: Ryan

It’s been a while since we wrote a blog article on anything Apple related. Since then, Apple have announced iOS 12 (Apple’s NEW operating system) which will be available to all devices which currently support iOS 11. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at iOS 12, and what significant new features will be added that you might benefit from.

Apple iOS 12 preview

A look back on iOS 11…

Let’s summarise iOS 11:

  • Not the best Apple software launch, likely Apple’s worst.
  • Many bugs were found.
  • A lot of digital media content on iOS 11.

When iOS 11 launched in September 2017 there were a lot of bugs and performance related issues. Apple appeared in several news articles on the internet, on TV and in our blog articles.

More noticeably, Apple was criticized for throttling the performance of your Apple iPhone or iPad in order to prioritise battery life. Around this time, Apple launched a “Battery Health” feature which remains in Beta up until the launch of iOS 12.

During this time, here at Team 8 Digital, we wrote some useful articles on improving your iPhone battery life with iOS 11, and some of these tips can still be used on your iPhone today.

A big battery killer of iOS 11 was animations. We also released a blog article on how you can turn off animations in iOS 11 to save battery life.

Apple iOS 12 preview

  • Claims to be up-to 70% faster swiping to the Camera.
  • Claims to be up-to 50% faster keyboard display.
  • Claims to launch apps up-to 2x as fast under heavy workload.

iOS 12 was announced earlier this year with the hope to make your iPhone and iPad experience even faster and more responsive.

Apple is aiming to focus more on stability and performance rather than implementing big new features into iOS 12 - likely Apple’s mistake with iOS 11.

Whether you’re using your iPhone all-day, or just partially, you’ll likely appreciate the small changes, animations and features that allow you to monitor your battery health in more detail, and discover more detail on your usage with iOS 12.

With promising performance gains and the number of beta releases that Apple have launched for iOS 12, we hope that the iOS 12 launch will be considerably better and smoother, however, we’d recommend waiting a couple of days after the launch of iOS 12 before updating. Just to find out what the community think of iOS 12.

iOS 12: Group FaceTime with up to 32 people at once

  • FaceTime with up-to 32 people at once.
  • Start FaceTime from a group thread in Messages.
  • Join an active group FaceTime call in iOS 12 at any time.

Whether you use FaceTime regularly, or not at all, it should be worth noting that for a long time we’ve only been able to FaceTime with one other person. This makes it difficult to talk to a group of friends or family with iPhones without having to use a third-party application such as Skype.

Apple have decided that they will be launching a new feature where you’ll be able to FaceTime with up-to 32 people at the same time. How will this work? Put simply, each person in a FaceTime call will be shown on screen in a squared box. This box grows and shrinks depending on who’s talking.

You’ll be able to start a group FaceTime from a group thread in Messages, or you can join an active one at any given time.

iOS 12: Grouped notifications - at last!

  • Grouped notifications by application.
  • Ability to clear all notifications with just a swipe or tap.
  • Snooze notifications from an application if required.

Have you ever received a load of notifications from a particular app at the same time only to find that it clogs up your notifications on your lock screen which causes an undesirable amount of scrolling? Now, in iOS 12 you’ll be able to get grouped notifications which stack on one another.

Grouped notifications is a feature that other smartphone companies have in place already, and Apple have previously fell behind in this area.

Now, thanks to iOS 12, this is now going to make people’s lives a whole lot better when consuming content on a day to day basis. You’ll be prompted to mute notifications for an X period of time if required, or you can clear all of your notifications from a particular application with just a swipe or a click.

iOS 12: Siri Shortcuts

  • Create Siri Shortcuts which runs various tasks/actions.
  • Intelligently pair daily routines with third-party apps in iOS 12.
  • Save time with iOS 12.

Whether you use Siri regularly, or you don’t use it at all, iOS 12 plans to bring the ability to create Siri Shortcuts. These shortcuts allow you to create a list of tasks for your phone to run when you say a particular phrase such as: “Hey Siri, I’m on my way home” - after creating a shortcut like this, your phone can get directions to your house using Maps, send out a message, and activate certain smart home features.

iOS 12: Augmented Reality - Measure

  • Apple launches the Measure app in iOS 12.
  • New AR features with ARKit 2.
  • Experience more AR features with iOS 12.

AR has been out for a little while now, and iOS 12 aims to bring new and improved Augmented reality features to your iPhone with the launch of the new Measure app.

An app which allows you to measure the dimensions of real-world objects using the camera on your iPhone.

This app will utilise the new AR features of iOS 12 and ARKit 2 - improved developer features.

iOS 12 final thoughts

These are just a few significant changes coming to iOS 12 this September. Apple are likely to announce and release more features with iOS 12 after the launch. We’re excited about the iOS 12 launch, however would recommend that you don’t upgrade for a few days whilst the community find bugs and potential major issues.

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