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Free Software is Dying

Created: 23/08/17 Author: Team 8 Digital

There was once a time when people around the world went for free software. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of free software was not that one paid nothing but the cost of paid software. Most software applications worth a mention were expensive for individuals. Many were expensive for businesses too. That is why even businesses preferred free software. It is no longer the reality now.

Paid software development is becoming more common and a natural choice for businesses. The principal reason for that is customisation. The biggest drawback of free software is the lack of features or limited features. The second biggest demerit of free software has always been the generic manner in which it works. No free software truly caters to the needs of an individual or business, the way one wants. Generic features will help to an extent. Beyond the simpler utilities of any software, it is the advanced features that make the real impact. People have realised that and hence the growing significance of software development.

Software Development Bridgend

Free software is dying also because of growing security concerns. The cyber security challenges have never been more daunting, databases are expanding every day and businesses are more dependent on digital solutions now. No company wishes to risk its databases or sensitive information including financial data by going with free software. While users can always rate and review the security features of free software, there is really no way of knowing what level of security free software actually has.

When you hire a company for software development, you would know exactly the kind of security there is, you would have bespoke solutions and you will always have state of the art features. Free software doesn’t have auto upgrades and certainly not the state of the art features. They have become outdated. With bespoke software development, you would never have obsolete features.

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