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Bridgend Business Awards 2018

Created: 30/07/18 Author: Josh

We’re proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for Start-up Business of the year with Bridgend Business Forum.

To be considered we needed to supply case studies of what sets us apart as a business. We decided to focus on our growing team and our recent success at the NHS Hackathon. Earlier this year we had the privilege of collaborating with medical students and doctors to develop a system that used historical data to predict periods of increased pressure on emergency care. You can learn more about our project here.

The last 12 months...

In the last 12 months we’ve grown as a team in both personnel and experience. As a start-up business attracting and retaining talent is an important process that we are always looking to improve and fine tune. Our aim is to create a relaxed workplace with a focus on collaboration and mentorship. As our team expands so too have the opportunities, with training workshops and more senior roles becoming available. As a team we are working closely to identify areas to improve and fine tuning our mentoring methods. This was something we focused on during the application and a key feature of the business that we’re proud of.

Within the creative industries there are a number of impressive start-up ventures and we know how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd, so we are very privileged to have been selected.

Good Luck!

We are looking forward to the event at Coed-Y-Mwstwr Hotel, and the opportunity to showcase our business and enjoy the festivities. Wish us luck!

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