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45% of Welsh SMEs don't have Basic Digital Skills

Created: 26/11/18 Author: Dave

Digital Skills

45% of Welsh SMEs don't have Basic Digital Skills

The recently published Lloyds 'UK Business & Charity Digital Index 2018' has found that only 55% of Small and Medium businesses have Basic Digital Skills. Though this is a 22% increase from 2015 - driven by 60% of SMEs now using social media channels - it's still 3% behind the UK average. Interestingly, over a third of Welsh SMEs don't currently have a website.

What are Basic Digital Skills?

These include tasks such as:

  • Digitally communicate to maintain customer and supplier relationships
  • Manage your invoices and accounts digitally
  • Provide accessible information, and offer FAQ service
  • Search and discover growth opportunities for your business
  • Search for information on new suppliers and find the best deals
  • Understand who uses your website (analytics)

How does Wales compare to the rest of the UK?

Across digital activities Wales is 5% below the UK average. Though in line for Communicating and Digital Development, for Transacting and Online Enquiries the index makes stark reading with Wales 11% behind and Mobile Banking not much better, at 9% behind the UK average.

When you look at the UK averages for online presence, Wales lags behind:

  • 28% of SMEs say being online isn’t relevant for their business (UK average 26%)
  • 37% have no website (UK average 32%)
  • 82% are investing nothing to build digital skills (UK average 74%)

Why do Digital Skills matter?

"UK businesses that improve the digital skills of all their employees will become more productive, innovative, profitable and secure" (The Telegraph, 2015)

How can Team 8 Digital help my business?

As a small Welsh business itself, we at Team 8 understand many of the issues SMEs encounter and have experience of overcoming them both for ourselves, and through the support we provide to our clients. The services we offer include:

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