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Top 5 Principles of Great Web Design

Created: 30/08/17 Author: Ryan

Over the years, web design has changed quite a bit. New web design trends get released all of the time so it's no wonder that web designers are always focusing on new trends.

Here at Team 8 Digital our web design services based in Bridgend, South Wales offer some of the most effective web designs in the area.

Today, in this blog I'm going to cover 5 principles of effective web design.

1. Think of the purpose

Great web design has to cater for the needs of the user. Are your digital visitors looking for a specific piece of information or are they looking for entertainment? You should be thinking about the purpose of the web design from the beginning.

2. Grid based structure

Websites are commonly built using some kind of Grid system, usually composed of 12 columns wide, or in some cases can be 16 columns wide. With this in mind, it's important to consider the structure of elements on the web page. You can't just place things anywhere.

3. Mobile Friendly - Responsive Web Design

Most visitors of your website nowadays are going to be coming from a mobile or tablet device. With this in mind, it's important that your website works and looks great on mobiles. If your web design isn't mobile friendly then you're likely falling out on some of the most effective web design techniques.

4. Navigation / Menu

It's important to make sure that your website visitors can navigate your website easily. Consider following the 'three click rule' – this is where it shouldn't take no more than three clicks from your homepage to complete your main task on the website that you want your visitors to perform. Also consider using bread crumbs where appropriate to make it easier for your web visitors to navigate between pages on your site.

5. Images

When building your web design it's just as important to consider the images used on the website as it is with colours and typography. An image can tell a thousand words. Most people nowadays are used to seeing 'stock photos' and thus recognise them quite easily, instead try to get a professional photographer, or quite simply try taking some photos yourself. If you need to take some photos for your website, consider picking some photos that don't look like stock photos.

Web Design Principles Conclusion

Whilst these are just 5 principles of great web design, there are going to be many others. These are just a few of them. Some other examples of good web design include making sure you're making good use of social media and are implementing SEO practices into your website.

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