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Team 8 can provide Rightmove API integration for your website. Using various techniques and languages such as PHP, Java or .NET, we can work closely with you to ensure your Rightmove API meets your business needs. If you like to discuss your needs or just need some advice then give us a call on 01656 513046 or send us a message.

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The Rightmove real time API allows you to add, update and delete properties to the Rightmove website and receive data to your software or website.

Traditional methods for uploading to Rightmove are done using a generated file called a BLM. All properties are collated, a BLM created and then uploaded to Rightmove using FTP. However, there are a number of issues with this system and a real time data feed has the benefits of flexiblity, lightweight code, the ability to amend current properties on Rightmove, two-way communication and an easier way to manage media uploads.

There are no limits into what system the Rightmove API can be integrated. Team 8 specialise in all systems and software including open source solutions such as Wordpress, Joomla, CakePHP and E-Commerce. We can also code and maintain the older v3 FTP system.