Website Marketing Blunders Nobody Should Commit

Created: 2017-02-20 09:00:00

Misusing the Company Blog A blog on your website can be a powerful mechanism to keep clients engaged and visitors coming back. It's a shame when this totally free tool is thoughtlessly misused, and no amount of cute web design will save you.

A corporate blog is a communication channel that has to be used for a purpose. This purpose might vary from business to business: a consultancy might use it to showcase their knowledge, a retailer might publicize upcoming specials, while other businesses might just want to attract regular visitors to their web page.

None of these goals can be achieved by complaining about your day or posting irrelevant nonsense. Unless you're Richard Branson, nobody cares about your daily life or opinions, so keep a sharp focus on creating content that will actually help your company.

Using Expensive Advertising Channels or Dubious SEO “Experts” At one point (a century or two ago), it was estimated that search engine Yahoo! was spending as much as $100 in advertising for every new user they attracted. Recouping $100 per person must have taken a long time and many, many mouse clicks.

The internet and online marketing are all about harnessing efficiencies. If you're paying top dollar for questionable results, something is wrong. On a closely related note, many people present themselves as SEO gurus, but actually rely on outdated techniques that do more harm than good, or even outright myths. A responsive web design and optimization company will have no problem showing you exactly what they're doing and what the effects are, while fake experts will only try to baffle you.

SPAM! Despite all evidence, some businesses still believe that quantity trumps quality if you only believe. Mass emails are the worst examples, but scattering blog comments all over the web (which are little more than links to your site), or posting hundreds of recycled articles for the same purpose are also types of spam. Search engines are constantly engaged in software development to recognize and penalize these practices.

Optimizing and promoting websites is a specialized discipline, but it is not a black art. If you're not sure how to heighten your company's online exposure, a web design Bridgend company can help you work out a strategy that won't break the bank and actually produce results.