Using Google Analytics to Track User Behavior

Created: 2017-02-24 09:00:00

After many revisions and hours of work, you might feel that your web design is as perfect as it's going to get. The problem is that, in software development, users and developers approach the same issues from completely different perspectives. What seems perfectly logical to you may seem bizarre to your users – so how to tell if they're having a good time on your web page?

Using Google Analytics While other, similar tools exist, Google Analytics is a kind of industry standard, and the basic package is free to use. It provides the enterprising webmaster with a wide range of statistical data on website usage patterns. Once you learn how to interpret this information, it will help you to spot problems and possible improvements.

Acquisition Overview Where do your visitors come from? Do they find your page through a Google search, do they click a link on another web page, or do they manually type in your domain name? If a high proportion of traffic does not originate from search engines, it might be time to contact a web design firm in Bridgend to see how your optimization can be improved.

Pageview Tracking The most basic form of this tells you where users start to use your website, by what routes they navigate through it and, importantly for responsive web design, what kind of platform and resolution they were using. For instance, if very few mobile users even leave the landing page, the mobile user experience is probably terrible.

Landing Pages and Bounce Rates Very likely, some pages of your site are better at attracting – and keeping – traffic. Your most popular landing pages are the first ones a visitor sees, while the bounce rate refers to the proportion of visitors who leave your site after viewing only one page.

The above reports are only a tiny sample of what this tool offers. Google Analytics is enormously versatile, so much so in fact that people without some background in software development will find it difficult to use. Never fear, professional help is available to help you understand how users actually experience your website, and how it can be improved.