Top 5 Advantages of having a Responsive Web Design

Created: 2017-02-10 09:00:00

Recent studies have shown, that we have started to prefer browsing the web using our tablets and mobiles. Ever since the mobile industry is implementing new and new features to make our phones as smart as possible, responsive web design has become a vital feature on the road to success.

What is responsive web design

By applying responsive web design, the viewing experience of your website will be optimized for a wide range of devices, minimizing the need for possible resizing, panning and scrolling to navigate on devices with different display sizes. This way, responsiveness ensures that the user experience you provide is seamless across platforms (from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones).

Top advantages of applying responsive web design

In the list below, we have summarized the most important advantages of applying responsive web design:

1. Flexibility Responsive websites can be seamlessly viewed across devices. This web design technique ensures that your imagery and content fills the allotted space while retaining its appereance.

2. Outstanding User Experience We tend to forget that user experience is also a key factor in our online success. A responsive design ensures that your site delivers an excellent user experience on all platforms.

3. Google will like you more If you want to get forward in those searches, remember that Google already stated, that responsive web design is considered to be a best-practice for the online industry. You can make it easier for those Googlebots to find and crawl your site!

4. Cost effective By creating one site that adapts to different screens, you can not only get better search results but stay cost-efficient, as you do not have to create and maintain an additional website dedicated to mobile users.

5. Better traffic = better sales Responsive web design can help you get more visitors, who can enjoy your seamless user experience. Reach out to more people and improve those sales numbers!