Tips for Effective Online Surveying

Created: 2017-01-27 09:00:00

Knowledge is power, as the cliché goes. The internet allows instant, easy communication between you and your customers, but getting the best use out of this is sometimes problematic. Conducting an online survey can yield masses of data on customers' requirements and past experiences, but haphazard implementation can result in information that's useless or even misleading.

Do a Pilot Survey First You might have decades of experience in your industry, but remember that you're still conditioned to view things differently from your customers. Often it will be a case of not knowing what you don't know, so a preliminary survey will help you refine your questions and concentrate on the issues that matter most to your customers.

Make it Easy to Participate You could encourage people to answer your questions by offering monetary rewards of some kind, but most internet users will be happy to share their opinions. That is, unless it becomes a chore. Skilled, responsive web design along with a reasonable number of questions will contribute to a higher level of cooperation.

Don't Be Afraid of Open-Ended Questions At the least, your survey's web design should allow some space for free-form commentary. Asking questions like “Is it a fish, a bird or 'other'” might result in 90% of respondents choosing “other”, leaving you no wiser as to the identity of the animal. Give your customers the opportunity to tell you what they think in their own words.

Ask the Right People Ideally, the survey page will only be visible to actual customers, with regulars being preferable. If you ask people who have never experienced your service whether they're happy with it, you'll get no useful data at all.

Get Professional Advice Surveying is a science, and some of its pitfalls are less obvious than you'd think. Consulting a web design Bridgend company is a good place to start.