Optimized Web Design from STS Online

Created: 2017-02-27 09:00:00

SEO or search engine optimisation is a basic requisite of any website. Every website needs to be optimised in accordance with the relevant keywords. Most website design companies focus too much on the textual content while optimising the web design. The textual content on a website is certainly a key factor in determining the quality and level of search engine optimization but there are many other factors that contribute to whether or not an effective SEO website design is developed. • Optimisation of a website begins with its domain name. Then it trickles further to every webpage, hence the URL of every page on the website. If a plumbing company in Wales opts for a domain name www.affordableplumbing.com then a webpage discussing the types of plumbing services cannot be www. affordableplumbing.com/page12345.aspx. The webpage should have an address like www.affordableplumbing.com/types-of-plumbing-wales. An even better URL would be www.affordableplumbing.com/types-of-residential-plumbing-solutions. The URL is a fascinating tool that should be optimised. When a webpage address makes sense and gets indexed accordingly by the search engines, it would enjoy a much better rank. When there is a generic URL that makes no specific sense, search engines like Google will not offer any incentive. They wouldn’t even know what to do with that webpage other than randomly indexing it. • An effective web design should have appropriate landing pages. There can be one landing page or many, depending on the keywords being targeted and wherefrom the visitors get redirected. When there is a landing page and people find it helpful, there would be more traction. There is more benefit in having ten people spend two minutes each on the site than having twenty people reaching the site and closing it immediately. You don’t just need traffic. You also need the traffic to spend some considerable amount of time on your site. Likewise, there are links, back links, link wheels, social media integration, listing on Google maps, local business pages or classifieds and more. An optimised web design is much more than the layout of a webpage, sitemap or navigation and the graphics on every page.