Importance of Responsive Web Design from STS Online

Created: 2017-03-01 09:00:00

Static websites are not effective any more. A website today must be live, dynamic and interactive. A web design should possess ecommerce features to facilitate sales. Businesses that don’t need online sales or an online store should have a lead generation mechanism or at least an online form to facilitate enquiries. There could be live chats to generate leads and also to offer proactive customer service. A typical web design today must have a landing page, several pages for information and sales pages, at least one webpage for every type of product or service and a steady stream of content for search engine optimization. One more attribute that is quintessential today is a responsive web design. A responsive web design enables a website to be optimized for optimum viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones or smart phones across all browsers. Desktops, laptops and workstations have wider or larger screens. Tablets have smaller screens and smart phones have even tinier screens compared to desktops. There are various browsers across these devices and they don’t work in the same way. An ordinary website may not be displayed properly across different viewing mediums, primarily because of the change in the size of display or screen and then due to the change in browser. Only a responsive web design will enable a website to be optimally viewable and usable on all devices and across all browsers. All popular websites, from Google to Facebook, Amazon to YouTube, eBay to Twitter as well as major conglomerates like Apple and Microsoft, Samsung and Sony have responsive web designs. No one wants to miss out on a section of their target audience that might be using a chosen medium. It is necessary to reach out to people using desktops or workstations, laptops or tablets and smart phones at the same time with the same website content.